What Is Kava

What to know about kava and Brooklyn Kava

Q. What is kava?

A. Kava, also known as kava kava, awa or Yaqona, is a psychoactive plant/bush root in the pepper family that grows in Fiji, Vanuatu, Samoa and Hawaii. Islanders have been making a tea with kava for thousands of years. Drinking kava produces feelings of euphoria and positivism in users that reduce anxiety and insomnia as well. Kava root was typically used to chew or made into a beverage by adding water and served as ceremonial purposes politically and in homes as a courteous cultural norm and social respect.

Q: What is Brooklyn Kava?

Didn't you read the home page? We are a kava bar that also serves coffee, tea and kombucha in Bushwick located at 191 Suydam street. We are also an importer and wholesaler of kava root powder.

Q. What happened to the bottles do you still make those?

Due to some regulatory issues beyond our control we have decided to not make bottled kava for the time being. We may make bottled kava again someday, but we have no definite plans to do so.

Q. Where regions are kava roots from?

A. Kava is native to the south pacific such as Fiji, Vanuatu, Samoa and Hawaii. Our Kava comes specifically from small family farmers in Fiji, as we consider it the finest of all kava kava from our inspection and travel standards.


Q. What are the uses of kava ?

A. Kava is often used to treat anxiety and/or insomnia providing a feelings of euphoria and positivism when consumed. 


Q. What does a pure kava tea beverage taste like?

A. Kava is an earthy, raw taste reminiscent of the nature it comes from in the south pacific. You may enjoy it's earthy properties or find it to be an acquired taste. Our juice and greens beverages provide an alternate flavoring that delicately merges colorful flavor profiles.


Q. Is kava healthy or are there health risks?

A. Kava has no declarative health issues per the FDA, but should not be consumed if you have known liver concerns. If you're taking certain sedative medicines talk with a health provider first before consuming kava. 


Q. Is kava gluten-free?

A. Yes. We source pure and noble kava and there is no cross contamination of gluten containing grains. Our NY manufacturing facility is also gluten-free as it includes delicious gluten free breads and others who also demand a gluten free risk free environment. Note, we do not test our products at this time for gluten cross contamination further. 


Q. Is Kava similar to alcohol?

A. Well not exactly, but kinda.  Some experts say that kava can cause a mild sedation similar to alcohol in high volumes. Therefore, if consumed heavily it could have an intoxication like experience. Please enjoy kava moderately to enjoy the experience of kava one sip at a time socially or as you best see fit.


Q. Does kava cause numbness?

A. Yes it can. You may experience a mouth numbness or temporary relief and that's purposeful. The kava root has special properties in which the numbness is limited yet quite an elegant sensation to enjoy!


Q. Can I buy kava online?

A. Yes of course! Please browse our kava store online in our Brooklyn Kava shop here.