Brooklyn Kava : LES Edition

We are opening a second Brooklyn Kava location. The new location is on Clinton Street just North of Delancey. As with the first location, we were able to find a defunct business that could be converted easily into a kava bar. This time it was a former Sushi bar called NY Sushi KO. We looked at places in Brooklyn, but it seems like Brooklyn real estate is getting so overheated that Manhattan is often better value. We also thought about LIC, which is hindsight might have been a good place to start a long term lease due to the Amazon expansion.

At our first location we did a big push with coffee`, serving Counter Culture coffee and having a high end espresso machine. At the LES location we are right next to a Blue Bottle location so we expect coffee to be a slightly less prominent part of the business although we will still serve it.

We are also trying to do a revamped streamlined menu that uses fewer total ingredients which will allow us to reduce our raw materials inventory and be more efficient.

Here are some pictures of the new spot which is under construction: